Blackpool Rock: A U.K. Candy Favourite

An all-time United Kingdom candy great is now found in select Aaron’s Sweet Shop candy boxes.

Blackpool Rock is a popular tourist treat in seaside towns in England, commonly appearing in places like Brighton, Southend-on-Sea, Scarborough and of course Blackpool! It’s a boiled sugar stick that can come in a massive variety of flavours from fruit to peppermint. Its popularity comes from the long-term enjoyment that it brings – it takes a bit of work to finish off a stick of Blackpool Rock.

The making of Blackpool Rock is considered an art form dating back to the 19th century. Craftsmen known as “Sugar Boilers” would render a sugar syrup down in large vats with water, which would then be placed on a special “cooling table” which would allow the candy to be worked.

The candy would then be “pulled” into the iconic stick shape by one of the sugar boilers. Nowadays, most candy makers use a pulling machine to automate the process.

The pulling of the candy introduces air into the structure of the candy which causes it to change from an amber colour to the distinctive white colour. The outside of the stick is covered in coloured candy to give the rock its separate coloured layers. Sometimes lettering is shaped and placed on the inside so look carefully.

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