Gummy Bears: Candy perfection

Tiny, colourful, perfect. 

 Gummy bears now take on many forms – gummy octopus, frogs, hamburgers, snakes, just to mention a few – but the original small bear gems still command the biggest request for gummies among Aaron’s Sweet Shop lovers.

We can thank German candy maker Hans Riegel Sr. who started the now famous Haribo company in 1920 for these small drops of heaven. Inspired by trained bears in street festivals and markets, Mr. Riegel invented the Dancing Bear, an affordable fruit-flavoured gummy candy for children and adults. Haribo’s Dancing Bear treats remained popular despite tough economic times in Germany and quickly spread worldwide as a mini-treat perfects for pockets. 

These days, Haribo remains a staple producer of gummy bears, and its commercials routinely take a new twist on the age-defying popularity.

Gummy bears fascinate candy lovers. That’s why, in 2009, the largest gummy bear ever produced created a high watermark in buzz among the sugar-loving community. Weighing in at five pounds, or that’s almost 2.3 kilograms, this beautiful monster was equal to about 1,400 of its tiny companions.

Not to be outdone, the healthy living community has adopted gummy bears by producing them a multiple vitamins for children. Billed as a “nutritious way to get children to take their vitamins!” vitamin gummy bears are promoted as “great for lunch boxes and backpacks.”

However, we have our own particular uses for gummy bears. Here goes, our list of favourite ways to put gummy bears to work:

· Gummy covered cakes – yup, make a beary beautiful cake for a special day (or any day for that matter). Our favourite tip is to create a scene with your bears. We made a jumping rope scene with strings of red licorice and our best colourful bears to celebrate summer.

· Gummy swizzle sticks – Just do not think of your gummies as human and if you not cringe, stick them together with a wooden skewer then pop you stick-of-gummies into your fruit juice glass with ice.

· Gummies as furniture – Okay, we would not really recommend this. However, a clever gummy bear lover made a chandelier out of them. It is an interesting mind to imagine using 3,000 acrylic gummy bears for a light fixture however, we are in awe at the creativity. Each bear was strung to hang in perfect circle when constructed.

· Popsicles or ice cubes with suspended gummies - Pour some water or fruit juice into an ice cube tray or homemade popsicle mould and voila, gummy bear eerily suspended as a beautiful transparent cold treat.

We will take gummy bears in any format, anytime. Customers with Aaron’s Sweet Shop love it when our boxes feature any of these familiar and loved little treats.