The holy grail of gift-giving: Food for Diabetics & Sugar-free needs

The irony of giving candy and chocolate to someone on a sugar-reduced or diabetic diet keeps getting sweeter – as more sugar-free options come onto the confectionary market.

Not so long ago, sugar-free sweets were hard to find, and often hard to eat. Remember those rock-hard tiny wrapped candies with an odd after-taste? Or, sugar free chocolate that was oddly crumbly? Yes, the history of diabetic or sugar-free candy is not pretty.

The sugar-free sweets scene is different now.

Food for diabetics, or those who want a sugar-free diet (or at least less sugar in their lives), speaks to the heart of Aaron’s Sweet Shop. We maintain a philosophy of offering candy and chocolate for everyone.

That’s why we were quick to research what we could offer in a completely sugar-free box. First, we were not sure that we could find enough candy and chocolate to fill a box.

We were wrong.

We found that almost every major candy and chocolate maker carries a sugar-free equivalent to their sugary favourites. Now, we may be biased, but our taste testers at Aaron’s Sweet Shop peg Twizzlers Twists (strawberry, of course) and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (yummy little miniatures) as our winners in this category.

Clearly, demand is up for sugar-free or sugar-reduced treats. You could pin this market increase on a rise in the aging population in Canada. As noted by the government of Canada, in 2012, almost one in seven Canadians was a senior; by 2030, that number will jump to nearly one in four.

You could also link the demand for sugar-free candy and chocolate to a rise in health consciousness – people simply do not want as much sugar in their diets.

We quickly discovered that in addition to being sugar-free, these treats are also low in carbohydrates, a must for those on sugar-reduced or diabetic diets. That’s why our Diabetic Nibbler Candy & Chocolate Box contains information about the carbohydrates in each candy and chocolate package.

Our diabetic offering is popular. We find that gift-giving is made so much easier for those on diabetic diets with a little nod to the emotional needs offered only by the taste of something sweet.